Family Office Solutions

High-net-worth families have learned that having a specialized family office is valuable for effectively managing the difficulties and advantages that come with wealth.

Building this structure can be expensive and require a lot of time. Westover Capital offers family office support to take the burden off your shoulders.

As life becomes more complex, financial oversight and administration is paramount. Westover works with you and to ensure your legacy endures.

We offer family office support in the following areas:

Comprehensive Services

 Family offices often offer a wide range of services beyond investment management, including estate planning, tax optimization, philanthropic advisory, and even lifestyle concierge services.

Long-Term Focus:

 Family offices typically have a multi-generational perspective, which means they can create strategies designed to preserve and grow wealth over several generations.

Expertise in Complex Assets

Family offices often have expertise in managing complex assets such as real estate, private equity, and direct investments in businesses, which may not be within the purview of traditional wealth managers.

Customized Reporting and Transparency

Family offices provide detailed reporting and transparency, allowing clients to closely monitor their investments and understand the performance of their portfolios.

Generational Continuity

Family offices can help facilitate the smooth transition of wealth from one generation to the next by providing education and guidance to heirs.

Risk Mitigation

Family offices focus on risk management and can help diversify assets and implement risk-reduction strategies to protect and grow wealth.

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