Westover Capital - Where Have All the Stock Splits Gone?

Where Have All the Stock Splits Gone?

Due to the rising popularity of ETFs, companies no longer cater to the individual investor, choosing instead to court the ETF provider. You can see this phenomenon in the number of companies executing stock splits.

Westover Capital - How Consolidation Can Simplify Your Financial Life

How Consolidation Simplifies Your Financial Life

No matter where you fall on the economic spectrum, the elegance of simplicity is especially true when it comes to your finances.

Westover Capital - Thoughts on a Potential Trade War

I Won’t Ride the Trump Train into a Trade War

At Westover, our clients often share articles with us on topics that engage and inspire, or from time to time, challenge or support our best thinking. Recently, a client shared an opinion piece from the Wall Street Journal, “I Won’t Ride the Trump Train into a Trade War.”

You Didn’t Build That

From where I sit, it’s the spirit of entrepreneurialism that fuels our economic engine.

Westover’s 8th Annual Summit

James Pethokoukis, the DeWitt Wallace Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, is the featured presenter at Westover's 8th Annual Summit.

Observations and Recommendations about the New Tax Act

It is time to start planning for the impact that the recently passed Tax Cuts & Jobs Act will have on your taxes this year.

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