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Thank you for your interest in Westover Capital Advisors. For over 20 years, we have built a legacy of trust by serving our clients the same way we care for our own families. Westover is a client-centric wealth advisory firm providing investment management, wealth management, and tax services to high-net-worth individuals, their families, and foundations.

Our approach seeks to integrate these three components through a comprehensive, disciplined process of discovery, information gathering, and analysis, recommendation, and implementation. That’s how we’ve become one of the top independent wealth management firms.

Life is made up of experiences, and we strive to deliver one like no other. If our philosophy resonates with you, we invite you to learn more.


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Our Services

Management & Advice

At Westover Capital, we employ a rigorous and diversified equity and bond investment strategy that is truly unique for the needs of each client. Our decades of experience, research, and analysis guide this process every step of the way.

Westover Capital Advisors - Wealth Planning and Advice

Estate Planning
& Wealth Advice

Managing your financial life requires in-depth planning and strategic action. Westover serves as a trusted wealth advisor for our clients as they work to accumulate, preserve, and protect their assets.

Westover Capital Advisors - Tax Preparation and Planning

Tax Consultation
& Preparation

Taxes are an integral part of any financial plan and can have a significant impact on your wealth.  Westover Capital provides professional tax planning, consultation, and preparation services for our clients.

Westover Insights

“In Bear Markets, Stocks Return to Their Rightful Owners” -J.P. Morgan

There are still great companies with outstanding long-term prospects in the market. And impatient investors are putting those stocks on sale.

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Are We There Yet?

An investor who fell asleep as she was leaving that Maryland driveway on February 24 and who happened to wake up today in Wilmington, would look around incredulously. She would have missed the rain.

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Now Showing in Theater Number One …

You wouldn't expect historic market highs to occur in an economic pandemic which was the most impactful since the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918, and possibly since the Black Death pandemic in the Middle Ages. But here we are.