Westover Luncheon Series Welcomes Cybersecurity Expert Lawrence Husick

On September 26, 2019, Westover Capital hosted the latest in our Luncheon Series featuring internationally renowned cybersecurity expert, Lawrence Husick of the Foreign Policy Research Institute.

Husick’s message to our audience was powerful. “The fact is, any time you use the open internet to share or transfer information, you risk the information can be tampered with. The solution is to undertake this as a national emergency. And to break out of our bubbles so that we are aware that conflicting messages are being channeled our way. It takes having your eyes and ears open and being aware.”

Westover Capital and Cybersecurity Expert Lawrence Husik

Our President and CEO, Murray Sawyer, noted that Husick’s unique knowledge and perspective are vitally important for families and individuals, particularly when it comes to protecting personal data and managing finances online.

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