Planning Above and Beyond Asset Management

Many families require more than traditional investment and wealth management services. Westover has in-depth experience in planning and investment management with the expertise necessary for creating and executing a successful wealth management plan.

Keeping track of every detail of your financial life can be an enormous burden. Without help, these deeply personal details can have a profound impact on your quality of life. They include everything from investments, taxes, wills, and trusts to insurance, real estate, charitable intentions, and major purchases. Each of these requires thoughtful attention and expert counsel.

At Westover, we serve as your personal Chief Financial Officer (CFO). We carefully monitor the financial specifics of your life so that you are free to pursue the things that are most important to you and your family. With our long history and our in-depth experience, we strive to bring simplicity and clarity to your financial life.

Westover provides vital support for everyday financial independence, advising on such issues as traditional banking, insurance services, family household services, personal bill paying, private transportation planning and management, financial record-keeping and reporting, and senior care planning to evaluate present and future needs. We are proud to partner with your existing team of professionals to collectively provide you the services and results you desire.


Services Overview

Investment Management

Comprehensive investment management and portfolio building

Wealth Planning

Services that include retirement, cash flow, tax, estate planning and risk management

Bill Pay

Transaction processing and management of bill payments

Document Vault

Creation and maintenance of a library containing all of your important documents

Advisor Coordination

Coordinating the activities of your various specialty advisors

Philanthropic Support

Support for establishing charitable entities, due diligence, and grant processing