Introducing Westover’s WealthView

– by Murray Sawyer, JD, President and CEO

For nearly twenty years, Westover has served the needs of our clients and their families, and for some over multiple generations. We are aware of the unique circumstances that apply to each of our clients, and are both mindful of and humbled by our role as a trusted advisor.

Whether it’s our client luncheon series we started last year or the rollout of the Westover mobile app we also initiated in 2018, we continuously challenge ourselves to provide relevant, thoughtful, and innovative enhancements to enrich and simplify our clients’ increasingly complex financial lives.

Westover Capital - WealthView Financial Management PlatformIn today’s fast-paced environment, safe access to real-time financial information is key to wealth advice and management. Intelligent use of technology continues to play an increasingly important role in this process.

To that end, we are excited to introduce WealthView, Westover’s new personal financial management platform. WealthView enables you to store, view and manage your entire financial picture in one place, whether on your PC or mobile device.

With WealthView, you can do things like aggregate all banking (checking, savings, mortgages, credit cards, etc.) and investment accounts – both those held at Westover and those held elsewhere. You can even include assets such as real estate, vacation homes, personal property, business interests, life insurance etc. WealthView will track spending, create budgets, build consolidated reports of your entire financial picture and keep track of important financial documents.

WealthView is a user-friendly, intuitive platform that compliments your existing Westover portal – bringing more data into view which allows us to bring more meaningful and specific advice to you. Those with whom we’ve met and introduced to WealthView have all been surprised and pleased with its intuitiveness and comprehensive aggregation capabilities.

If you’d like a tour of WealthView or want to learn more about your comprehensive financial picture, give us a call!

Keep the faith.

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