Westover Capital Advisors - Rainbows and Unicorns

Rainbows and Unicorns

2018 will come in with the worst equity performance since 2008 and it will almost certainly be negative. Can’t be rainbows and unicorns forever.

Westover Capital Advisors - John D. Rockefeller

The Evolution of the Family Office

In 2014, New York Times columnist Paul Sullivan wrote that the average asset value needed to justify the services of a family office was between $100 million and $1 billion. With advances in technology, these services are now attainable for a wider, yet still exclusive, market.

Westover Capital Advisors - Thanksgiving

A Simple Act of Kindness; A Story for Thanksgiving

We’ve just come through a divisive mid-term election. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a time for families to share the love we have for each other and for us to reflect on the shared kindness we provide or should offer to strangers in order to make this a better world.

Westover Capital Advisors - Trick or Treat?

Trick or Treat?

Last night was Halloween, a night when we warmly open our doors and hand candy to children, hearing their squeals of laughter. It’s an evening for reminding us of the joys of childhood and also the perfect night to close out Freddy Krueger’s month on Wall Street.

Westover Capital Advisers - I'm a Believer

I’m a Believer

A Roth conversion is a planning strategy that’s been around for 20 years but has become a potential cause célèbre in 2018. Enjoy a little earworm and learn about the potential benefits of converting your traditional IRA to a Roth IRA.

Westover Capital - Days Like This

Days Like This

Van Morrison famously sang, "When it's not always raining, there'll be days like this." If he was an investment advisor instead of a musician, he might have chosen "months" instead of "days."

Westover Capital - Where Have All the Stock Splits Gone?

Where Have All the Stock Splits Gone?

Due to the rising popularity of ETFs, companies no longer cater to the individual investor, choosing instead to court the ETF provider. You can see this phenomenon in the number of companies executing stock splits.

Westover Capital - How Consolidation Can Simplify Your Financial Life

How Consolidation Simplifies Your Financial Life

No matter where you fall on the economic spectrum, the elegance of simplicity is especially true when it comes to your finances.

Westover Capital Advisors

Westover Luncheon Series: Dr. Reid Huber

Enjoy the replay of our September 2018 Westover Luncheon Series featuring Dr. Reid Huber, Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of Incyte Corporation.

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