Our Services

At Westover Capital, investment management, wealth advice, and tax planning are at the core of our offering. We take the time to get to know our clients upfront. We spend time to understand your personal situation and financial goals, which results in a customized investment portfolio, wealth management solutions, comprehensive tax consultation, and advice tailored to your personal needs.

Westover Capital has the expertise and flexibility to help a wide range of clients in order to provide tailored advisory services. Every recommendation we make is based solely on helping you achieve your personal goals.


Westover Capital Advisors - Comprehensive investment management, wealth advice, and tax consultation

Investment Management

Westover employs a diversified “all cap” portfolio approach that includes equities and bonds as we design portfolios to be client specific. We do not arbitrarily subscribe to any single style, size or philosophy when it comes to building and protecting your assets. This gives us the freedom to construct, then modify portfolios as market cycles and conditions dictate to meet individual client goals.

Access to broad universe of securities with no capitalization constraints
Asset Allocation
Investment decisions are based on the client’s individual needs, risk tolerance, and investment horizon
Assets are diversified both across and within asset classes
Tax Management
The goal of our strategies is to maximize return and minimize taxes, both now and in the future

Westover’s Balanced Portfolio Approach

Westover Capital employs a diversified portfolio approach as we design your portfolio. We do not subscribe to any single style, size, or philosophy when it comes to building and protecting your assets.  This gives us the freedom to construct, then modify portfolios as market cycles and conditions dictate.

Following is a simple illustration of our investment process:


Westover Capital Advisors - Investment Management Process


To learn more about how our process will benefit you, please contact us for a confidential consultation.


Wealth Advice

Many families require more than traditional investment and wealth management services. Westover has in-depth experience in planning and investment management to make informed decisions and support your everyday financial independence.

Wealth Planning
Cash flow, net worth, goals, tax, risk, debt, executive compensation, senior care, etc.
“Readiness analysis”, 401(k), IRA, social security, Roth conversion
Estate & Trust
Asset protection, titling, business succession, charitable giving, donor advised fund, gifting and legacy, wealth transfer
Family Office
Consolidated reporting, administrative and trust services, bill pay, advisor coordination, private foundation, special advisory services, etc.

Westover’s Wealth Planning Process

Building, protecting, and passing on your legacy requires a thoughtful analysis of your objectives and an integrated, strategic approach to planning and implementation.  Westover has an in-depth understanding of the challenges, preferences, and strategies which are necessary and required for efficient wealth management.

We believe that families are financially best served through a comprehensive planning process which includes the following:

Westover Capital Advisors - Wealth Planning Process

Tax Consultation and Preparation

Westover's tax services and advice are integral components of our professional service and advice offering. We seek to maximize our clients' post-tax income and preserve wealth over time. These efforts are ongoing, not merely an end-of-year exercise.

Individual Tax
Tax planning, projections, and preparation of annual returns and quarterly estimates for individuals and families
Business Tax
Tax planning and preparation for small businesses, privately-held companies, and partnerships
Entity Tax
Comprehensive planning and preparation of returns for trusts, foundations, and estates
Tax Planning
Extensive periodic and on-going tax planning and projections for current and future returns

Westover's Tax Consultation and Preparation Process

Westover understands the complexities and exposure to financial risk through tax returns for high-net-worth clients. While most tax professionals focus on tax compliance, we provide services that extend beyond just major filing deadlines. We evaluate your particular tax situation as needed throughout the entire year. Our team will relieve much of the annual burden of gathering tax information and coordinating with other professionals or institutions. We also deliver personal attention and high standards from start to finish.


Westover Capital Advisors - Tax Preparation and Consultation Process


To learn more about our tax services, whether stand-alone or as part of our comprehensive wealth management offering, please call or email Matt Beardwood at (302) 633-4040 or via email here.