Our approach to wealth management integrates investment management and wealth planning by:

  • Understanding your financial and non-financial objectives
  • Analyzing your financial circumstance (balance sheet, cash flow, investment accounts, trusts, taxes, family dynamics)
  • Assessing your financial and emotional tolerance for risk.

These factors help us develop a truly customized and holistic investment strategy for your unique circumstances.

The nature of financial markets requires both strategic and tactical planning for success. We design and manage customized portfolios, adjusting for changes in business, family and personal circumstances, the economic and regulatory environment, and the evolving aspirations of our clients.

We strive to generate an after-fee, after-tax, risk-adjusted return across a range of asset classes which meets our clients' financial and non-financial objectives. To achieve our client’s financial goals, we employ a disciplined investment management process. The outlines of that process are set forth below.

When designing portfolios, we take a strategic approach that includes the following:

Asset Allocation

Investment decisions are based on the client’s individual needs, risk tolerance, and investment horizon


Assets are diversified both across and within asset classes

Tax Management

The goal of our strategies are to maximize return and minimize taxes, both now and in the future

Westover’s Balanced Portfolio Approach

Westover employs a diversified “all cap” portfolio approach as we design client portfolios. We do not subscribe to any single style, size or philosophy when it comes to building and protecting their assets.  This gives us the freedom to construct, then modify portfolios as market cycles and conditions dictate.  We do not out-source this responsibility to third party managers.  Rather, we use our decades of investment experience, our fundamental research and our technical analysis to evaluate risk and find opportunities in the investment world for our clients.

Our client's portfolios contain equities, bonds and cash, and are balanced and designed to deliver long-term capital appreciation with limited investment risk.  We believe in stock diversification, across the sector, size and style investment universe, with an emphasis on large-cap US companies.  That said, we scour and will select individual equities in the large-cap, mid- and small-cap space as well as in the international one.

We select fixed income instruments -- bonds, cash and cash equivalents –to provide income, reduce portfolio volatility and enhance total return.  We will use both individual instruments held to maturity as well as debt ETFs for liquidity.

We’re not fans of mutual funds because of the extra layer of fees they require clients pay; we’re also not fans of charging an advisory fee to a client and then investing his or her assets in a passive index.  As we see it, that’s hardly the “investment advice” a client requires.

The graphic which follows demonstrates our investment process: